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Our firm is pleased to offer investment advice and strategies that help minimize your risk of losing the nest egg you have worked so hard to acquire. Due to the increasing demand of inquiries from our clients about the stock market performance, we have recruited the professional expertise of Lindisfarne Investments, LLC to join Gogul & Associates team to assist our clients and offer an alternative to what can sometimes be a very risky gamble of market investing.

Lindisfarne has various investment models available to its clients. All of these models involve active trading to minimize risk. Through active trading, Lindisfarne is able to avoid large losses during market downturns. At no time does Lindisfarne rely on the "buy and hold" approach that has proved to be so devastating over the last several years. Rather, our approaches incorporate the philosophies that have kept our clients safe during previous times of market turmoil.

Unlike some investment firms that you may see, the number one focus of our investment approach is to have your assets actively managed on a daily basis. What this means for you is that when a market storm occurs, your funds will be safe on dry land.

Don’t wait until your money tree has dried up. If you would like an assessment of your current investment position to find out what our investment approach could do to preserve your future, please contact us for a FREE evaluation.


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